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Reviews of the most popular antibiotics Augmentin. What people say about this drug, what doctors and other specialists advise. A summary of all reviews is contained on this page and this is just a small part of the total number.

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Reviews of the drug Augmentin

Even despite the side effects, I believe that Augmentin is the BEST children's antibiotic! Helped just a day to cope with the temperature under 39, which was kept by the child for almost a WEEK!

Ciara | LA

When you can not do without an antibiotic, I recommend Augmentin. In our case, it proved to be a very effective working tool.

Lina H | CA

Augmentin for bronchitis in a child. An antibiotic made from penicillins, but it works perfectly!

Kessie1990 | UK

Effective antibiotic in cases of sore throat and bacterial infections.

Angel | ES

A good antibiotic that has certain advantages over other similar drugs and that has helped us to cope with the disease twice without side reactions!

Zira | AU

First angina, then bronchitis-September was full of illness. It is good that there are antibiotics that quickly put on their feet.

Ivanka | CA

I am very afraid of antibiotics, but I have confidence in Augmentin.

Stan | US

I helped my daughter from prolonged SARS and immediately brought down the temperature!

Gven | FR

Augmentin: the main thing is the correct dosage. A tricky drug, but an effective antibiotic.

SonyaW | UK

Augmentin is a Good broad-spectrum antibiotic, effective and inexpensive.


A good antibiotic that was used unconventionally. Treated Streptococcus in puppies. An excellent antibiotic that can be used even for babies.

Sweety22 | AU

An effective and inexpensive antibiotic. I didn't expect it to be so soon.

Mommy | CA

The antibiotic coped with its task, but not without disadvantages. The experience of using a child.

Justin E | UK

Very effective! One of the antibiotics that can be taken during pregnancy!


Antibiotic Augmentin 500 mg + 125 mg. an Antibiotic that can be taken when breastfeeding.

Andy | US

They took Augmentin with the older girl. There was no reaction, they moved it normally. Prescribed for bronchitis.

Ann | FR

Well. He helped us a lot. just a week ago. I drank, my husband and my eldest daughter. the next day, everything passed, and the temperature did not rise again.

Olivia | AU

A good antibiotic. We took it for angina, started to help by the end of the second day.

Gina | CA

A good antibiotic, for otitis most it. There may be a dilution of the stool, because the composition includes clavulanic acid. After the end of the course, everything will pass. If 1 time you drink an antibiotic-give with antihistamines, for safety...

Jane | ES

A good antibiotic, we had laryngitis and otitis media, after 3 days everything went away. After antibiotics, some other drug containing bifidobacteria is better. The intestinal flora is restored and the immune system is increased.

Irina | US

Prescribed for bronchitis personally to me. Helped immediately - after a day of wheezing was not at all.

Amalia | UK

Us Augmentin very helped,already in the first clock reception to by the evening temperature at all not was in this our a sore of us Zinnat appointed, here is exhausted with reception, and vomiting. Yes and at all nor in what swallow not wanted to!mixed with juice! With Augmentin, this was not the case, everything passed quietly!

Klara | US

Augmentin is the best of all antibiotics! The only antibiotic that helped the child with a very prolonged SARS! Dysbacteriosis from this antibiotic can not be!

John | LA

My daughter got sick at 3 months, coughed terribly, we were prescribed Augmentin, it helped us very well=)

Anissia | NZ

We are 5 years old, we bring down the high temperature with Augmentin, which we start taking on the 5th day at a temperature of 38-39. We take the antibiotic for 2 days. Always help.

Silvia | US

Excellent drug with minimal side effects. Acts quickly, the effect is felt after half a day. It is used for a wide range of different diseases. The cost is affordable, available in almost any pharmacy. The dosage is convenient. There were no data from patients about side effects, and everyone was satisfied with the treatment.

Jorde | CA

I prescribe this drug to patients in the complex therapy of periodontal diseases. It should be noted that the drug is highly effective. Oral tablets are convenient to use.

Tim | AU

A very good broad-spectrum antibiotic that helps you get a positive result quickly and efficiently. I didn't like only the price, but a good antibiotic costs well.

Lucia | IT

A good antibiotic. Original drug. Sufficient effectiveness when used according to indications. Of the group of penicillins, the most effective. It works well in the treatment of respiratory diseases at the initial stage.

Michaele | LA