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We are proud of the exceptional professionalism and skill of our employees, as one of the main factors that determine the success of our company is a close - knit team of like-minded people.

The group of pharmacy companies has been successfully developing for 20 years, being one of the fastest growing and most promising companies in the pharmaceutical market. We actively adopt the experience of the best companies, constantly improve ourselves using the best international practices, and solve our strategic tasks with consistently high quality.

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We always remember that our strength is in unity! We value team spirit and cohesion! Only in a team can we achieve high results. The diversity of experience and knowledge of each person creates a common potential for the company's development. All employees of the company are United by the idea and goal: "to Be the best company for both customers and employees", which we strive to achieve equally, understanding and supporting each other. Each of us remembers that he is a strong link in the team. For us, the company is a reliable home, and the team is a friendly family. We value the company's reputation!

Pharmacy markets are new-generation pharmacies, multi-profile health and beauty centers. This is not only a network of pharmacies, it is a team of professionals, advanced technologies of the pharmacy business, a wide range of only high-quality products. Our pharmacy markets become a place where the most complete range of medical products, medical devices, beauty and health products are concentrated. The chain's pharmacies offer more than 14,000 items of medicines, medical devices, orthopedic products, medical and sports nutrition, and children's products. All products are certified, and all necessary rules and regulations are observed during transportation and storage of goods.

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