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Certain rules apply to each user in the network of our pharmacies. All of them are made to simplify the work between us and you by our regular customers and potential buyers. We have always worked and will work for you! With respect

Our Policy is a set of rules that applies to all our websites and pharmacies. Terms of use that answer our customers ' questions. Keep in mind that all our clients can get full advice from our customer service specialists, they work around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Shipping Policy
Return Policy
Privacy Policy

Shipping policy

After confirming your order, the parcel will be sent to the office in your city, after which the couriers will deliver the parcel to your address that you specified in the order. If for some reason you are not at home when the courier arrives at your address, you will be left with a special notification.

- AirMail - The delivery time may vary, for reasons that do not depend on us, the approximate delivery time is from 2 to 3 weeks. Keep in mind that free shipping for this type of delivery will be available from $200.

- EMS - Express Mail Service (EMS) This service is the fastest of the proposed deliveries. The tracking number of the parcel will be available to you immediately after the order is sent. Delivery can be made within 3 to 8 days. as in the previous case free shipping will be available for purchases from $200.

We also ask you not to forget about certain nuances such as a certain delay at customs, for which we cannot be held responsible. Due to this reason the parcel may arrive earlier or later than the specified time.

Your order will be processed within 24 hours. After registering your order, you will receive an automatic notification to the email address you specified during registration. Pay attention to the fact that the notification may end up in the spam folder, this sometimes happens.

All medicines that are presented on the website of our pharmacy are in our warehouse. If there are any problems with the delivery of your order, we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Customer service specialists are always at your disposal and are ready to get in touch at any time of the day.

Return policy

If for some reason it happens that in your order you received a damaged or medicine that contains a certain defect or was sent the wrong product, we will send your order for free. If your tablets are damaged, we will send you a new package for free. Please note that the return of medicines is strictly prohibited by international rules.

Privacy policy

All transactions that are carried out on the website of our pharmacies have a high degree of information security. We guarantee you complete anonymity, as well as the safety of your personal data and financial information. When your order is delivered, you receive your parcel without any names, prices, or other information. This means that no one can find out about the contents of the parcel and you will not have to pay additional fees. The names of ordered products will also not be displayed when paying with credit cards.

During the checkout process, standard SSL-based encryption is used to ensure the confidentiality and security of all your information.

Use of cookies

Cookies are short text files our Web server sends to your computer. They are used to fix such session information as the previous activity on a site or Web page content based on your browser type. This helps us provide better service for the customers when they return to our site, and imply an access to some specific sections on our site.

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